Univeris Releases Forex API (Foreign Exchange Rate and Conversion Web API)

The value of investment in multiple currencies can be significantly impacted by fluctuations of the exchange rates. Around the world, countries are exposed to various economic forces that can create large variances in the relative value of its money. As a result, investors with portfolios exposed to currency changes can see their portfolio value, distribution, or Forex risk change significantly over time.

New WealthTech APIs can aid in this process by updating market value and adjusting risk automatically, as well as providing more insight for evaluating investments.

Update Market Value and Adjust Risk

The Univeris Forex Rate Open APIs for portfolio evaluation enables wealth management firms to update the market value of portfolio and adjust Forex risks automatically. In particular, the assessment of correlation between investment performance and exchange rate fluctuation is key to understanding the past, current, and future impacts on investor portfolios.

Providing Additional Insight

When evaluating a new investment, a review of its current value in relation to its currency adds another layer of insight that is necessary to make the right decisions.

Univeris Forex API

“The Forex API with its daily refresh not only enables timely portfolio or investment evaluations but also reduces the tedious and error-prone work to enter those rates regularly,” said Emmanuel Gonnet, VP Product Management for Univeris.

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