Over 20 years of WealthTech Innovations.

Who We Are

Univeris is a software development company. Our software powers the financial life of over 2 million investors and thousands of advisors.

Our WealthTech API suite is designed to enable innovation by accelerating the deployment of new solutions. Our API products are designed to solve some of the most common problems. For example, accurately calculating rate of returns is more complex than it appears.

We refer to our APIs as WealthTech because of its focus on the Wealth Management space. However, our APIs can also be categorized as FinTech APIs or RegTech APIs. FinTech typically refers to the broader financial industry and RegTech to the particular problem of regulations. Some of our APIs address the broader scope of FinTech (i.e. Client Reporting, Rate of Return, Goal Tracking) and others the scope of RegTech (i.e. our upcoming Concentration Analysis API).

For your WealthTech and RegTech needs, there’s an API for that.