APIs - FinTech, WealthTech, RegTech

Univeris is pleased to announce the release of 3 new WealthTech APIs in February 2017.

First, in the market data category, a Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange Rate) API will be available to enable firms to embed exchange rates support in their applications and avoid the burden of entering daily rates. Excellent for portfolio reporting, the service avoids manual errors and corrections.

Second, in the RegTech category, a Foreign Tax Reporting API will permit firms to more easily comply with the CRS (Common Reporting Standards) framework developed by the OECD. The service offers a smart calculation of Foreign Tax Status.

Third, in the Portfolio Analysis and RegTech category, a concentration and suitability API will be offered that permits users to effortlessly assess suitability of portfolios by computing the underlying or hypothetical components of each position.

“Open WealthTech APIs enable, not only innovation within our own products, but also accelerate the ability of our clients and other users to adapt rapidly to market changes,” said Emmanuel Gonnet, VP Product Management for Univeris. “RegTech and advice algorithms will remain top of mind for many and enabling high quality data analytics is the key to success.” added Gonnet.

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